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  • Full Name:Mehrdad Jannesar
  • Phone:+98 912 2268192
  • Email:jannesar.computer@gmail.com
  • Website:www.mehrdadjannesar.com
  • Address:Tehran, Iran

Hello There!

I am very interested to work in environments where the expectations are much higher than my level of knowledge and skills,Because this issue is a serious stimulant on my personal path so in general definition this place is very close to a Startup.The implementation of my ideas is enjoyable and progress gives me double motivation but disregard makes me upset.I love working with people who smarter and stronger than me.Also I enjoy to work in an active and motivation group.Therefore in my opinion is that a person should be take a step in development and progress way.

My Resume


  • Senior Developer

    2020 - 08 - 2021 - 08

    Paya Communication Industries

  • Instructor

    2018 - 01 - Current Now

    InstructorInstructor Shamsipour Technical and Vocational College

  • Junior Developer

    2015 - 04 - 2016 - 08

    Iranian Reinsurance - Back End Developer

  • Software Developer

    2021 - 11 - Current Now



  • Masters Degree

    2016 - 09 - 2022 - 07

    Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch (major of study is AI)

  • Bachelors Degree

    2013 - 09 - 2016 - 05

    Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch (major of study is Software)


  • Scene Recognition using Multi-Label Multi-Resolution CNN

    2022 - 11 - 2022 - 11

    Journal of Positive School Psychology - ISSN 2717-7564

  • Generating text using long short-term memory algorithm based on incremental framework

    2022 - 10 - Current Now

    Neuro Quantology - ISSN 1303-5150

My Services

Web Design

From website design and development to search engine optimization (SEO) and site maintenance, we’ve got you covered!

AI Project

My end-to-end AI development services and solutions are based on my academic and industrial research. In my work, I apply mathematical and statistical foundations and the latest techniques including machine learning and deep learning.

Mobile Apps Develop

I offer a full cycle of design, integration and program management services. Whether it's a consumer-oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution.




Machine Learning70%

Clean/Microservice Arch.70%


Deep Learning70%

.Net Core80%

MS SQL Server75%


My Translated Books

Nov, 2017

Deep Learning with Python

Deep Learning with Python introduces the field of deep learning using the Python language and the powerful Keras library. Written by Keras creator and Google AI researcher François Chollet, this book builds your understanding through intuitive explanations and practical examples. You'll explore challenging concepts and practice with applications in computer vision, natural-language processing, and generative models. By the time you finish, you'll have the knowledge and hands-on skills to apply deep learning in your own projects.

Jun, 2020

Computer Simulation A Foundational Approach Using Python

This book is highly recommended for a graduate course in modeling and simulation. It is also recommended for an introductory course in modeling and simulation for a senior undergraduate course. In addition, it can be a good reference for researchers, working engineers and scientists who work in modeling and simulation and optimization. It is a good addition to the field of modeling and simulation. I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I have enjoyed reviewing it.

Jan, 2017

Artificial Intelligence with Python

Build real-world Artificial Intelligence applications with Python to intelligently interact with the world around you About This Book - Step into the amazing world of intelligent apps using this comprehensive guide - Enter the world of Artificial Intelligence, explore it, and create your own applications - Work through simple yet insightful examples that will get you up and running with Artificial Intelligence in no time Who This Book Is For This book is for Python developers who want to build real-world Artificial Intelligence applications. This book is friendly to Python beginners, but being familiar with Python would be useful to play around with the code.

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